Washington State Senior Games


Sunday, July 22, 2018
Race Schedule:
Start Time Event Length
7:30 am Check-in
9:00 am Time Trial 5K
10:30 am Time Trial 10K
12:30 pm Road Race 40K
Boston Harbor Elementary School
7300 Zangle Rd NE
Olympia, WA 98506
Erik Anderson
  • 5K and 10K Time Trials
  • 40K Road Race
  • Registraton fee: $35 ($25 if postmarked by May 25th)
  • Event fee: $10 per event
  • More information on fee details
Registration rules:
  • Pre-registration is strongly encouraged
  • Day-of-event registration is authorized, however, an additional fee of $10 will be assessed.
  • Competition will be in five-year age groups beginning with ages 50-54.
  • All riders must wear an ANSI or SNELL approved helmet.
  • United States Cycling Federal rules will apply.
  • Numbers will be assigned and pinned on right side.
Format/rules 5K and 10K:
  • Individual starts. Race against the clock.
  • Starting times for the time trials will be at equal intervals, usually one minute, but no less than 30 seconds. No allowances will be made for mechanical or other mishaps.
  • Starting order for the time trials is by age category, starting with youngest to eldest male, followed by females in same age order.
  • The rider shall be held by an official at the start but shall be neither restrained nor pushed.
  • Aero bars are allowed.
  • Drafting not permitted (taking pace closer than six feet behind or three feet to the side of another rider).
Format/rules 40K:
  • Mass start for each age group; age groups may be combined but will be scored separately.
  • No aero bar allowed.
  • Yellow line rule will be enforced.